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ITB13-055c explains the CVT / TCM calibration data "WRITE" procedure. If the calibration file disc (CD) is not available, please enter and submit information below to receive file.

CVT/Calibration file $35.00 (USD).

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Software updates are available for Infotainment issues described in the TSBs below. Please read the TSB before you purchase. A USB drive with the update will be shipped to you after the purchase.

USB drive with update: $59.99 (USD)

Ground shipping, allow 3-5 days to receive.

TSB - Click to View Applied Vehicles Click to Purchase
ITB18-040 2017-2018 QX60
2017-2018 QX60 Hybrid
2018 Q70
2018 Q70 Hybrid
2018 QX80
ITB18-040 2017-2018 QX60
2017-2018 QX60 Hybrid
2018 QX80
ITB18-040 2016-2018 Q50
2016-2018 Q50 Hybrid
2017-2018 Q60
ITB18-040 2017-18 QX30 IT5005
ITB18-041 2019 QX50 IT5004
2020-2021 Q50
2020-2021 Q60
2020-2021 QX50
2020-2021 QX80
ITB21-026 2020-2022 QX50
2022 QX55
2020-2022 Q50
2020-2022 Q60

ODS Analysis Tool Software

ITB19-024 explains the use of the ODS Analysis Tool Software.

To purchase a copy of the software, click here .

ODS Analysis Tool Software cost: $59.99

  • PC Requirements: Windows 7 64bit, Service Pack 1 or higher, Windows 10 64 bit

Download Purchased Specialty Tool Software

Once you have purchased Specialty Tool software and your order is completed, the software can be downloaded. Please verify that you are logged in to your account before proceeding.

Purchase of Specialty Tool software enables download access for a period of 48 hours, after which time the file will not longer appear in your list of purchased files. Be sure to download all files immediately following your purchase.